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A K Antony was the defense minister for seven and a half year tenure. But those seven and a half years were no less than many decades altogether, which in fact has been the longest tenure for any defense minister India ever had. 
“The worst in the long run, it couldn’t get more problematic”.

One of the most prime reasons for such massive criticism against A.K. Antony is because of the decisions he took in regards with service chiefs. He has kept nations security at the very stake at every point of his working.

It was because of Antony’s delay that the purchase of the arms worth 100 billion dollars was pending ever since a decade. Even the government had to pay 125 percent more for the arms and ammunitions. It is all because of Mr. A.K. Antony that government had to bear such a colossal loss of several billions.

This man’s name is too infamous that it is taken in the AgustaWestland scam – the one in which these helicopter were being bought by Indian Air force. 

By Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Another one is the artillery acquisition – in this, the guns (155 mm howitzers) for the mountains were to be bought from various companies. Antony somehow got the entire dense ministry ban all the contenders stating that they were all asking for bribe. Now, from where the guns were supposed to be bought? In fact, out of those banned companies, one filed a case in the court for it being clean which was even true as the defense ministry did not succeed in providing any factual data or evidence in their own defense. It was all done by Antony in order to maintain a clean image of him (stupidly) and banned those companies just on the basis of suspicion. This could and in fact had a very bad effect on the ‘arms purchase process’ as almost all companies began resisting them from a country (India) where false acquisitions were made. 

One of the funniest yet injudicious controversies that took place during his tenure involved Elizabeth Antony, his wife. In the year 2012, AAI- Airport Authority of India bought 8 paintings by his wife for a grand sum of Rs. 28 Crores which was more suspicious when everyone came to know that Elizabeth was no professional painter and she was a mere newbie.

Looking at the way A.K. Antony has slammed the reputation of the high post in the government, it is quite relatable that he’s known as the worst defense minister, India had to bear for such a long time.

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