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Who other than Modi Deserves to be the Face of BJP?

Who other than Modi Deserves to be the Face of BJP?


Modi is an influential man no doubt. He struggled and paved his way from a tea seller to the CM of Gujarat then the PM of India.

He has developed Gujarat is an amazing way and to some extent, he has helped our nation develop in some areas too. He extended a warm hand to Bangladesh and is trying to help the poor.

However, there are other influential and deserving candidates who are fit enough to represent BJP. They are:

  1. Chandra Babu Naidu- he deserves to be the face of BJP because he too has an undying love for modern technology and intends to solve national crisis that have been eating away at our nation for quite some time now.

Let’s face it. Not only is this man politically smart but he is also a great influencer.

  1. Shahi Tharoor though has been in the spotlight since the “death” of his wife, has a very promising personality and attitude. He isn’t just an outstanding orator but his educational background and immense knowledge of the political world can take the nation by storm. He has always played a fair political game and he knows how to take control of what’s right. Also, even though he doesn’t stem from BJP, he would make a great leader for this party.
  2. Smriti Irani, former HRD minister now Textile minister deserves to be the face of BJP as she knows and understands the importance of education and can develop this nation, reduce the illiteracy rate and can also help u march forward. She’s very stern with her thought and a female leader like her can do wonders for the nation.
  3. Varun Gandhi has always been an active ad productive politician. Whatever he does, he does with full dedication (unlike his cousin) and has a lot of common sense to take the nation to the next level. Even though he too doesn’t actively participate in BJP, would make a great leader for the party.
  4. Sangeet Som is a bit politically too vulgar. He knows what to fight for and he will give his hundred percent if he does become the face of BJP.
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