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This YouTube Like Website Pays You To Watch Videos

Now get paid to watch videos

Too Good To Be True But Yes It Is.

At the outset, welcome to the world of blockchain & cryptocurrencies.

Yes, there is a blockchain powered website which is paying users to watch videos on its platform.

Welcome to

Viuly is a decentralized video sharing platform that aims to help content creators as well as viewers by paying them generously.

The payment is made via Viuly coin which can be traded against the dollar, pound, bitcoin and eventually to the currency you like to use.

Whats more if you are among the early adopters of the system, you can get free 500 Viuly as a joining bonus.

Conventional Platforms earn revenue from ads, take the major pie of the same and give the rest to the content creator. Viewers end up watching the ad videos as platforms start earning.

Viuly changes this and pays content creator a major chunk of the ad revenue generated as well as pays the viewers for spending time and watching the ads and video. This will also reduce the ad spend burden on advertisers.

Publishers can post premium content on the network and a viewer can pay to watch the same. In addition, an advertiser can also directly pay the content creator for showing the ads thus reducing the middleman commission eaten by many video platforms.

Viuly cryptocurrency can also be an investment opportunity for a user as well as an advertiser and one can buy Viuly coins to use the paid features of the website. To buy Viuly tokens, you can open account on

If this was not enough, the company is coming up with plans where you can rent free space in your laptop or desktop computer to host the videos. (Most of us are already using this technology via tools like BitTorrent. To know more about another blockchain based cryptocurrency which pays to rent computer space, check out SIA COIN).

Here are a few Viuly key features:

  • Upload free videos and create channels
  • Sell access to your premium content
  • Support and donate to content creators
  • Be rewarded for watching free videos
  • Buy premium content with VIU tokens
  • Advertise and pay directly to our users

Looking at the above features, it can easily be concluded that Viuly can overtake Youtube in a few years’ time.

Blockchain is taking the world by storm and it is unlikely that one has not heard about it in recent times. For the beginner, blockchain is the technology behind the all famous Bitcoin.

Bitcoin came to limelight in recent time when its price surged from $600 to $9000 in the last 11 months. While there are many speculations about the future price of bitcoin and its feasibility to be used as an alternative currency, there is seldom somebody who understood blockchain doubts about the technology and its applications.

Since the Bitcoin started in 2009, more and more utility based cryptocurrencies and businesses came into being. Although most currencies turn out to be hoax or fake, some of these are doing a really great work and solving problems for the humanity.

(Disc: I am invested and very positive about this coin. At the time of writing it is trading around $0.003)

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