The world’s most dangerous religion

A few days back, a friend of mine, whom I call SG shared a video with me. The YouTube video was regarding the “blind faith” followed by a particular religion. The protagonist of the video was seen travelling to different parts of the world and questioning religious leaders and followers about why they follow this particular way of devotion and is it really logical to do what they were doing.

The protagonist in picture started to question in a very polite and genuine manner and eventually made fun of the devotees and their practice. He was also seen insulting a few of them.

The questions raised were quite logical, the arguments were analytical and few topics were well researched. The video showed how religious leaders were exploiting the people in the name of religion and when they were asked some tough questions, they failed to give an answer which was anything closer to be tagged as genuine.

The video documentary was quite long and I could not see anything much about my religion in the same except a few sentence here and there. I was quite impressed at the idea behind the same at the first instance (though I must admit that since it was not about my religion, I was ‘safe’ and didn’t took things at heart).

Since I was mesmerized with the video, I started to surf similar stuff. And thanks to YouTube I found quite a few. As I was going through one video to another, my faith in those atheist videos was getting stronger till I saw some videos in which the protagonist of the earlier video was having debate with some “radical” religious leaders and general audience.

And here I observed something which changed my perception about the whole thing. When I saw debate between atheists and radical religious leaders, I found that the two had striking similarities! Both showed their fundamentalism. Both were making fun of those who didn’t believed in their “way”. Both were abusive. Both were justifying their own logic. AND both wanted the WORLD to be the way they wanted.

I could sense that Atheists were potentially as dangerous as the radical religious leaders. They, like religious leaders, were having a “career” selling their ideology. Since this disbelievers were insulting and abusing the ones who believed in God, they were igniting the fundamental thoughts in rather moderate believers too. They were trying to play around with the “equilibrium” of humanity. They seemed to stand against any sort of faith. To me they seemed to be a religion in itself – a dangerous one. Rather the most dangerous one!

Religion should me a matter of choice. Probably every religion has some guidelines which a person is expected to follow. Most of these are obvious and good. It would be good for a child to follow religion of his parents till he grows up. Eventually he could choose to change his religion or be an atheist.  But it would be bad to force any view on anyone by any means. If asking someone to believe their God and not any other God is bad, asking someone not to believe any God is equally bad.

Whether God exist or not is a different matter of debate, but fighting on various God or fighting on whether God exists or not is making the world a dangerous place and it will keep making. Lets make world a more peaceful place. Om Shanti.

(Spirituality is a journey. I may have some opinions which may change. Would like to read your views as well. Please comment below to read your opinion on this)



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