All About Career

‘Hotel’ Management often pops up a predefined image of the aforementioned course in our brains. And that image is of course, confining the pursuer to the boundaries of hotels, restaurants and inns. This notion about B.Sc. in Hotel Management is quite mainstream and is stereotyped, too. 

Such contemplation of this thought is not merely by general public but also by the respective pursuer. As soon as the student begins with the very last of the semester, he begins with the agitation of what will he do next, too. It is quite unfortunate of the education policy that they are not enlightened well with the wide number of latitudes and all one can then think of is various sorts of managers- Catering Manager, Restaurant Manager, Public house Manager, Customer Service Manager and many more kinds of managers which are indeed substantial choices. 

But it’s high time that one must be aware of the options beyond the vintage ones. The existence and availability of major diversity of jobs merely require varying degrees of preparation. Beyond the Hotel Industry is the ‘Tourism & Retail Industry’. These are yet other classic operational fields with constant scope of growth.


Hotel Management often provides a backdrop of the qualities required by a travel agent hence letting the Tourism Industry gate wide open. Somewhere in the middle of learning hospitality, the pursuer is also provided with the knowledge of how the consumer goods and the services are managed and how desired profit is extracted. If one manages to understand the propaganda of this business well enough, the retail industry then serves as the unsurpassed career choice.


Past the aforementioned exists the most sophisticated out of all ‘The Airline Industry’ is even considered as the Hollywood Industry for the Hotel Management pursuers. And this is because of the fact that the people hired here are the public faces as the jobs are of flight attendants, host or hostesses, ticketing agents at airport counters and other kinds.


All these industries obviously demand astonishing vocabulary skills and winsome persona as well, beyond the customary requirements. Now, the most offbeat opportunities are the ones’ Indian people die for. Yes, of course ‘The Government Jobs’. Be it Army or Banking Sector, you have a chance at both. One finally gets to become a Bank Manager that is a quite off center for Hotel Management pursuer through subsequent promotions after clearing the Probationary Officer examination where as Combined Defense Service (CDS) is what one needs to pass for entering into the world of Army. Other Government jobs include Senior Staff Commission (SSC), Assistant or a Loco Pilot in railways and more.

The jobs are endless if one is worth it.