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How Walking Helps You Reduce Your Weight

How Walking Helps You Reduce Your Weight

A Guide to Walking’s Weight Loss Benefits

We know that exercise has a number of benefits for our bodies. But many people don’t know that simply walking for a few minutes per day can help limit those stresses and strains that take their toll with age. To help explain more on the health benefits that walking can provide, we’ll provide a quick guide in this latest post.

Walking Helps Shed Weight Promoting Genes

One of the main benefits that walking provides is it helps you lose the pounds as you exercise, and also helps you lose weight-promoting genes. A recent Harvard study found that walking for just an hour a day reduces weight promoting genes by as much as 50%. This can then help you keep the weight off for the long-term.

Walking Helps Cut Chocolate Cravings

One of the main reasons many people have for gaining weight over time is that they cannot avoid eating chocolate and other sweet treats. A great benefit of walking is that it helps you to cut down on those chocolate cravings that you might otherwise have if you didn’t exercise. Simply going on a 15-minute walk is enough to reduce your sugar cravings significantly.

Walking Can Provide Relief for Your Joints

A leading reason that many don’t exercise regularly is that they have joint pain when they take on the exercise process. This joint pain often becomes too much for them to handle during the exercise routine and makes them less likely to enjoy exercising in the future. But moderate walking has been shown to reduce joint pain while walking just 5 miles a week can prevent arthritis entirely.

To discover more about the weight-loss benefits associated with walking, take a look at this latest infographic from the team at Physiomed.


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