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Why Every Influencer Marketer Should Be a Blogger at Freshticles

Why Every Influencer Marketer Should Be a Blogger at Freshticles

Influencer Marketing is the new buzzword in online marketing and it is just the start of the game. Almost every big business now is indulging in influencer marketing. This is something similar to the affiliate marketing but have a direct impact on traffic as well as SEO. With host of new and creative bloggers having a huge fan following are available in the market, this is a good idea to encash the momentum of traffic they can generate. And here comes the influencer marketing.

In an influencer marketing platform, bloggers and advertisers are connected to each other. Star bloggers from varied industry take project of marketing brands and/or products and publish them on their websites / social media channels. This makes a case of win win situation.

But there are challenges into this way of marketing. Although this might sound good and fool proof at first instance, it comes with a BIG issue- Google. The darling of online marketers, Google, is very strict with how it shows results. And when it finds that the articles/websites are more focused on “marketing content” rather than genuine content it raises a flag and eventually drop the search engine ranking of the website. The same issue also applies with social sites like Facebook and Twitter where their algorithms will reduce visibility of the “paid” or “marketed” posts.

Is there a way out? Yes!

The SOCIAL INFLUENCERS should start writing for Freshticles (and sites like this). Now, this can be a win-win-win situation. First, Freshticles “pay” with ad share model(a whooping 75% share while writing this and hence we recommend ourselves :)). Hence it generates another source of “passive” revenue. One a nice article with SEO optimazation, a blogger can expect to earn more than the influencer earnings. Secondly, since the influencer can claim multiple websites, s/he need to get stuck into the same web portal which would rather start looking like a advertising journal and not a blog.

This will also help in increasing the customers’ search engine rankings and more visibility on social sites because of multiple stream coming into picture. There is also a special advantage that new influencer marketers get. If they do not have a website, or the website is not very famous, influencer marketers can “claim” Freshticles to be their website (they would have to have some blogposts on Freshticles to “flaunt”). But to cut it short, Freshticles can be a great option for Influencer Marketing without a website. 

Last but not the least, the influencers will get more connections and backlinks to their own sites/social signals if they write for Freshticles.

Do I need to tell anything more to convince? 😉 Here is how to join Freshticles as a Blogger.


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