Effective Leadership Skills

Effective Leadership Skills


The below five skills can turn you into an effective leader:-

Self -Esteem – A leader can help his organization’s members to develop self-esteem by giving them more importance viz.

– By expressing interest in their opinions .

– By giving a tap on your member’s shoulder.

– Paying more attention to them.

Planning – A proper and specific planning for all the actions viz.

– By initiating a proper plan.

– Communicating the plan to your members clearly.

Motivation – Motiving work environment always turns to be a productive one viz.

– By giving recognition.

– Handover of incentives such as bonus, free stuff, promotions etc.

– Working as a team and increasing their morale.

Delegation – Effectively delegating the tasks viz.

– By communicating the things effectively.

– Giving them to plan and supervise.

Empowerment – Empower on your behalf viz.

– By heading the responsibilities.

– Keeping your subordinates accountable for their action.

The above ones are important in improving leadership skills. The success depends on the way one

can recognize organisation need and act accordingly.

Thanks….. Pritam Khatri.

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